4th Nov 2022 4:00 PM Onwards

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We completed as freelance personal finance educators three years in investor education today. It taught me a lot. It's way more interesting Journey was as volatile as the stock market. it was started well early in the first year and stopped due to corona for one year and currently, it's going very well. Learning: simply stay hard and keeps working hard. Once you manage to do that, you'll get 5x Returns. If you need to get started, you can do it. just make the start. That's the first step. And it's easy to take but hard to complete but not impossible.

Now we are entering in 4th year and we are inviting you to MFHT on 4th November at 4:PM.

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if you think you have questions like these

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Advisors who have been in the industry for quite some time and are stagnant in their income especially in Q4 - We will discuss what some of the top advisors are doing differently & how you can copy and paste their strategies.

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For new Advisors who are feeling demotivated because of rejections - We will guide you on how to turn every objection into production. 

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Advisors who are demotivated because of lack of proper training and network.

 If you want to know what's the latest way of selling, then join us for this session.

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Advisors who are not on track to their year-end target - We'll highlight what you exactly need to do to make sure you hit your year-end target. 

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