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Connecting with customers during a pandemic

We all know there is quite an important change that has come to our life in the recent past ten months in our personal and professional life.

In the coming days, we are in wait for vaccination and we are going to live a new normal life.

So the same applies to our businesses too, we can't ignore the regeneration of business again. Although in recent one year there is an important change has also occurred in customer behavior and their purchase patterns which is a huge subject of study. Some expert financial advisors can predict the situation before it happens but we all can learn how we have to respond in that particular situation.

In the last ten months, I have observed a few things also which I am sharing today

In the last ten months, there is over an inflow of data and information for customer education from all companies and stakeholders in the digital medium. which should be limited always. Sometimes we always keep sending a piece of information but it not worth it for our business and customer retention, So Send the data and product information in limited frequency.

Second, in communication, we are slowly avoiding the emotional and human touch to communication. We are not meeting one to one too much already due to the pandemic and depending mostly on text communication via various social media. In my opinion, there should be a one voice call with the client should be there in your business.

Third most important have you talked on the two most important times in person and brief about the opportunity or situations. First when the market was quite low in a time of lockdown and currently when the market is all-time high (as all are saying as in my opinion there is no all-time high). Both most clients are confused about what to do and they are seeking your guidance or help that and that is your time to show who the guide or mentor is in this complex financial jungle.

I hope you have also observed some challenges, opportunities, or problems which you might want to share with us, I am awaiting them in the comments. We can talk, learn and educate each other through this conversation,

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