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Importance of business treating as a business

Honestly, we all started our jobs or businesses for the money.

When we were finally making a decent amount of money, we started to buy stupid materialistic things that we thought would make us happy.

It happens with all of us, YES or NO?

In my case, Nothing made me feel fulfilled. Later I realized fulfillment comes from having full financial freedom.

If you don't have time & freedom to enjoy life,

money won't make you happy.

Now I understand the value of time along with money.

I started working ON my business instead of working IN the business.

This gave me freedom & fulfillment because my businesses were not relying on me to generate money.

How does it happen?

Most of the work is outsourced and distributed with others as I can more time for myself.

as a financial advisor, you should most of the work be outsourced or distributed with others so that you can have more time for your business & client meets.

in the end,

we all should be working ON the business, not IN the business.

thoughts are welcomed in comments...

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