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Importance of Health Insurance In India 2022

Most financial advisors are health insurance advisors too as Life insurance and health insurance are basic two steps of financial planning.

So Health insurance is hot cake business right now and growing business number in day by day. As a financial advisors we should also work to procure more health insurance business.

So when you are selling a health insurance policy to prospects health care inflation can be key discussion point to understand the importance of health insurance.

Will Rogers, a renowned American columnist and humorist once said,

“Invest in inflation, it’s the only thing going up”.

If only we could, right?

inflation in education and The healthcare inflation in India is always is in double digit every year compared to all other overall inflation of 4 to 8 percent in the past few years.

Medical insurance not only covers the increasing expenses due to inflation but also keep your saving and investments to dilute during this emergencies.

So in other words, inflation plays an important rile to buy a health insurance cover for you and your family.

You can discussed this point with your prospects while you discussed health insurance policy with them.

Next week we talk about another key factor to discuss with your prospect clients which can help you to make them understand importance of health insurance

till then Happy Learning !

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