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Why games are important in our life ?

चलो फिर से बच्चे बन जाते हैं

as George Bernard Shaw said

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

Last night I watched movie "Tag",

The movie is based on a Wall Street journal article about a group of adults who play the game of Tag to extreme lengths.

The plot revolves around five friends, who follow the tradition of playing Tag in the month of May every Year. The notable aspect being one of them has never been tagged since the game's inception. The movie follows the four friends who team up to get the better of Jerry (Jeremy Renner) on the eve of his wedding.

It successfully evokes feelings of Nostalgia, brotherhood, frivolousness and unbridled joy.

I reminds me just my childhood friends and game Satoliya (The seven stone) .

So I am tagging my LinkedIn community to lets have play & have fun again. Just comment the name your childhood game and someone to know their childhood games.

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