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Why stories are so powerful in any communication?

Why stories are so powerful in any communication?

I was in a discussion with my audience and someone did not agree with the fact I was telling.

What I did;

I listen to his concerns with empathy regarding facts and the replied with a smiling request.

Sure sir why not, but We will not argue. We will discuss it together but First, please let me continue with a small story to connect you with the fact I am telling.

He listened to the story and connect with the fact in the end.

He was happy now as the audience and I was too as a Speaker.

as novelist Richard Powers said in stories,

“The best arguments in the world won't change a single person's mind. The only thing that can do that is a good story.”

Thoughts/feedback are welcomed in comments as I am on the way to becoming too a good listener, please help to become one.

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