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We Can Learn and Educate Money Together....

MFD1.1 that bring MFDs together

to share skills, knowledge, and experiences.

MFD1.1 Create a competition-free

environment to share accomplishments and reward-sharing activities. 


To be the leading community that empowers financial advisors and Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs) through comprehensive support, education, and advocacy, fostering financial literacy and client success.


Our mission is to provide financial advisors and MFDs with the tools, resources, and network necessary to excel in their profession, ensuring ethical standards and best practices for the benefit of the investing public.

Person Staring Screen

Who can Join

Any MFD who are new ARN from age 18 to 45  years

Image by Nick Morrison

Will Covers

Basics About MFD business  

Growth of MFD Business 

Community learning 

Image by Steve Sharp

Program Duration

11 Weeks programs with weekly frequency 

Image by John Schnobrich


Currently only in Jodhpur 

Available seats 11

Other Seats in next quarter

Image by Jason Goodman


Online and Offline  both 

Image by Balázs Kétyi


Fees 2500 

 After discount 75 %

 Journey of Learning Togther...


We will learn from experience 


We will discuss for future 


We will create a growthroadmap

Behind MFD1.1

This is our Talkers. It's a great to introduce our talkers about what makes it special, such as your culture and work philosophy. 

Image by Hannah Busing

Join Our Program MFD1.1 

Application start date 

11-April 2024

Application Close date 

21-April 2024

Apply Now 

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