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10 Benefits of Employee Retention for Businesses

This customer experience happened with me on my last visit to Jaipur on 8 November 2019.

I was waiting with a team member for my friend on the roadside in Jaipur. So we see a small restaurant and decided to order tea for both of us.

When we move towards the restaurant we watched these big size kulhads were kept there. After watching these Kulhads we made a perception that "Lassie" was served in them & there is no tea served here.

So here the story starts, the Restaurant manager came to request with folded hands and asked us,

"How may I help you, what are you looking for? "

We Said, We are looking for tea and hope tea that is not served here.

He replied, Do not Worry. We arrange the tea for you, sir. I was amazed by this customer service experience.

So we entered the restaurant and order tea, then a friend also came there. I told him about this amazing experience. and we decided that we are going to take lunch there too after tea.

So we called the waiter to asked about the menu and the special foods there served. Here the story reversed about my customer experience. The service was not quite good provided by him. So I was curious to know what is wrong with him?

After taking lunch I called him to just make a conversation and soon he told everything. After listening to him I came to know he was not happy with his salary there as he was working with there last few years. This less salary and other dissatisfaction were affecting his behavior towards the customer.

Moral of the story :

If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers.

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