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How to talk with clients in volatile markets?

Today I again started with my monthly learning and discussion program with the mutual funds' distributor and we discussed today How to talk with clients in volatile markets?

it is a small step towards my learning goal of 1000 MFD connect in the coming 3 years. as they say The Size Of Your Audience Doesn't Matter. Keep Up the good work.

I was in training, sorry learning from 2010 onwards as ic 33 trainer for insurance companies or sometimes help to LIC agent to go through the exams. These pieces of training were a classroom-type environment and it was more one-way communication at that time but I always keep learning to make interactive and engaging. In July 2014. I Join franklin Templeton as Mutual fund Sevak to take care of investor awareness and learn from my senior to more and more in learnings and investor education with two-way communication with the audience. In 2019 I left franklin I want to move investor education to distributor education for more challenges and more learnings. I do organize some programs for the next six months then corona came all stopped.

But We are again on the track of completion of the learning goal. Thanks for your kind support. it always matters. #markets #insurance #mutualfunds #environment #environment #education #training #communication #corona #learning #work

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