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Lessons we can learn from this pandemic

In march 2020 when COVID hit, then I thought it will al normal in the coming six months & we will be on track again.

I learned the greatest life lesson in my professional life over the past year. that lesson was unexpected and yet incredible & powerful. I'm excited to continue to learn about this in the future. I am sharing my thoughts with you too.

So during this whole time, there was one question in mind. What if this situation carries on a few more months or years or What if the webinar or online meeting will be new normal?

I was confused. Wait & watch or Learn & act

I choose to learn & act.

I am very good at technology but I was not ready for change. I am quite an emotional and heartful person too who likes to meet & talk to new people and learn. I want to learn how i can be better in webinars or meetings and there should be emotion, curiosity, interaction, and of course small learnings. I work with people slowly who were not adapted to online meetings. So last year I make online learning series, then conferences, expert talks & I learn a lot from activities.

then in the end of March 2021 again I was ready for this change.

I organized 2 one hour paid webinars and seven days online workshop and got more registrations. I am very positive about future too.

So moral of the story, " Show must go on ......... "

So we should keep learning for our business. We should ready for our customers to educate them online because whatever the situation.

We can always learn & educate money together whatever the medium is online or offline, learning should always carry on. Thanks for all financial advisors without your kind support that was not possible.

Happy Learning !

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