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Reasons why you need to get a health insurance

Dear readers

Last Monday we have discussed how healthcare inflation can be an important topic or cause to convince the decision to purchase the health insurance policy. and this Monday we are talking another important factor to convince the client about the health insurance.

So as you all know that Life style diseases are a product of the way how we live our daily life, how we work at our workplaces and go about our everyday lives with our hectic life daily routines.

The power of purchasing and high use of technology has changed the way we live right now in last 10 to 20 years. Less hard work, Less physical activity, more help of machines and automatic work we have invited some uncommon diseases which was merely exist in our grand parents in age of 60 to 70 too.

Some example of these diseases like heart disease, stroke, obesity, type II diabetes and cancer. So we have to take health insurance to cover expenses to meet expenses occurred from the these diseases.

So if you say your prospecting to change their life style, it is quite very difficult to convince but you can discuss the about the diseases due to this life styles . I hope they will understand this point and that will help to know about importance of health insurance more or motivate them to purchase the health insurance policy form you .

So next time please discuss this point to your prospect clients for health insurance and let me know know they react on this. I would like to hear your feedback, comment or question that will help us to lean and educate money and finance in better way.

Till then happy Learning !

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