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All About the LFA22 : Learning for Advisors

The big challenges for financial advisors are not about the financial or investment but challenges involve maintaining the relationship with clients and managing the expectation. The small financial advisors also seek professional unbiased advice for their business to grow business.

In brief the main challenges are managing the client expectations while staying in touch with clients. The financial advisors also seek group support with emotional attachment with clients.

Due to these challenges the financial advisor is not able to encase the client's potential of investing with them.

The key takeaways from events for financial advisors ?

The big key takeaways from the event will be thoughts, ideas, learning and memories for financial advisors.

How do you want your audience to feel?

Inspired? Excited? Empowered? Optimistic? Proud? Ambitious?

We want our participant to feel after this event

They should be excited for new valuable content.

They should be inspired to learn and think from success stories of the event ?

They will be more optimistic and ambitious for their business and personal growth ?

They will be more proud to be members of the learning community.


In the end they will be able to learn human personality and how emotional influence can help financial advisors to smooth functioning of their business process as well as help them to grow their personal and professional network.


Who should attend the LFA22?

Any individual who is in the field of insurance, banking and investment industry can join this learning event. If we name these professionals they can be mutual funds distributor, insurance advisors, financial advisors, equity sub brokers and amc professionals.

Why should I attend the LFA22?

The question is very big when it starts with why and the answer is simple , emerge 2022 will help financial advisors to grow in individual and professional life.

What will I get in the LFA22?

You will get a learning and professional networking event where you can learn and educate from each stakeholder of the events. This event will be pace with a two way communication learning environment. You will have an event kit which helps participants to execute learning in their real personal or professional life.

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